Sleep Sleep Momma @ The Rua Room

The Rua Room is a great initiative by Irish singer-songwriter Daithi Rua who is showcasing live performances by his talented friends from Belgium and beyond from ‘The Rua Room’ home studio.
I had the honour to record ‘Sleep sleep Momma’ at The Rua Room. Watch the video below. Please subscribe to his channel to support his initiative and to enjoy more music!

Reveil 2018

I played a small solo-set at Reveil 2018 in the beautiful cemetery ‘Westerbegraafplaats’ in Ghent. Watch the video by NeegeduustRec below!

‘Around sunset on November 1st (between 5 pm and 6 pm) Reveil breaks the silence in as many cemeteries through Belgium as possible with intimate music and local stories.
Several Flemish fanfares and artists play a short, serene acoustic session for a small audience at their local cemetery.’



I’d love to introduce my solo-project to you!
Listen to the demosong ‘Free To Agree’ on
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Come and see live:
26 June – TC#57- Café de Loge – Ghent (BE).
27 June – Open Mic Inn’ – round 4 – Herberg Macharius – Ghent (BE)
5 Sept – Maite Louisa // Try Out // – Café de Loge – Ghent(BE)