Reveil 2018

I played a small solo-set at Reveil 2018 in the beautiful cemetery ‘Westerbegraafplaats’ in Ghent. Watch the video by NeegeduustRec below!

‘Around sunset on November 1st (between 5 pm and 6 pm) Reveil breaks the silence in as many cemeteries through Belgium as possible with intimate music and local stories.
Several Flemish fanfares and artists play a short, serene acoustic session for a small audience at their local cemetery.’



I’d love to introduce my solo-project to you!
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Come and see live:
26 June – TC#57- Café de Loge – Ghent (BE).
27 June – Open Mic Inn’ – round 4 – Herberg Macharius – Ghent (BE)
5 Sept – Maite Louisa // Try Out // – Café de Loge – Ghent(BE)


Last month I participated in ‘A New Blend’ a music project by Café de Loge in Ghent during Lokale Helden 2018.

A great opportunity for musicians to meet with each other and collaborate.

Our New-Blend-band GOATLESS performed at Café de Loge 27th of April.








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