Virtue of Composing

Ongoing Performance; Over a period of 3 weeks the audience had an open invitation to participate in the act of ordering. They were asked to do this with 125 kilo of rice, beans, lentils and legumes and were free to use all the material, including the remainders of other participants.

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Trying To Catch Tears

Trying to Catch Tears consisted out of 80 tears, that I collected from myself in 2009 over a period of 5 months. Caught in between a slide and projected. During the presentation the heat of the projector lamp caused the tears to disappear gradually.

These photos show 2 of the tears that I managed to photograph.

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Performance in the context of ´Foodprint. Food and the city´ on invitation of Stroom Den Haag. Three performers walk on a landscape of slices of bread and throw jam on them. The piece brings land and kitchen together and shows the time in between the two.

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